Radio Tele Boston

Radio Tele Boston

Radio Tele Boston is a popular Haitian radio station. It is well-known for its diverse programming, which provides news, music, and cultural content to the local Haitian-American community. The station primarily broadcasts in Haitian Creole and occasionally in English, giving both Haitian and American perspectives a platform. It is critical for connecting and empowering the community, as well as promoting Haitian culture and instilling a sense of identity and pride.

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Radio Tele Boston – Programs

This radio station provides a diverse range of programming to meet the diverse interests of its listeners. You can listen to a wide range of programs, including pop, news, talk, and sports. It covers current events and news, keeping the community up to date on local, national, and international events. The station hosts discussions on politics, social issues, and community issues, encouraging audience participation and dialogue. It is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in Haiti.

Music is heavily featured on Radio Tele Boston, with an emphasis on Haitian music genres such as kompa, zouk, and rasin. This station features popular Haitian artists, both established and emerging, as well as a platform for local artists to gain exposure.

Radio Tele Boston – Aim

This radio station’s mission is to spread Haitian news, culture, and community. It promotes Haitian-American community events, initiatives, and organizations, encouraging participation and collaboration. This station intends to be interactive, allowing the audience to actively participate in the programming and, to some extent, shape the content. This station acts as a central location for community announcements, connecting listeners to resources, services, and opportunities.


Country: Haiti

Genre: pop, news, talk, sports

Language: French

Radio Tele Boston
Radio Tele Boston
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