Radio Algerie Internationale

Radio Algerie Internationale

Listen to Radio Algerie Internationale, a voice for Algeria and the world. Captivating listeners with its diverse content and engaging programs around the clock.  In brief, it’s the perfect online radio for listeners to delve deep into national and world affairs. Radio Algerie Internationale also known as “RAI” is the best radio from Algeria for news, culture, sports and entertainment programs in French and Arabic. Furthermore, RAI is the prefect online radio for Algerian radio listeners to inform, educate and entertain its listeners. As well as to promote the image of Algeria abroad.

History of Radio Algerie Internationale

This is the first full time news based radio station from Algeria. It is owned by Radio Algérienne and, started its first radio broadcasting on.  Radio Algerie Internationale was created by the merger of two popular radio stations, Radio Algiers International and Radio Algiers Chain 3. To reach and appeal to broader listeners nationally, and globally, it broadcasts in Arabic, Spanish, English and French.

Algerie Internationale’s Programs

It provides news and information on Algerian and regional matters, as well as discussion on current events. RAI’s programming is aimed at a broader listeners groups and includes news, chat programs, music, and cultural programming. It’s also popular for its coverage of International news and events. What’s more, the radio reaches near 50 million listeners every week, making it the most popular radio in Algeria.  Radio Algerie Internationale has earned trust and support from millions of listeners for its unbiased and reliable presentation of local, national and international affairs. RAI also promotes Algerian culture and values to the world. It has earned the reputation for being objective and impartial.

Popular Programs:

Some of its popular programs includes –

  • The International Event of the Week: A weekly show that focuses on the week’s major international topics. With in-depth analysis and comments from specialists and political commentators.
  • Economic Insight: A weekly show that covers current economic events in Algeria, Africa, and the rest of the globe. Including news briefs and interviews with business executives and economists.
  • Destination Algeria: is a cultural show that introduces the country of Algeria, its towns, history, culture, traditions, music, and people. It serves as a portal for international tourists to learn about the tourist places of Algeria.
  • World Sports Legends and Achievements: A weekly show that features remarkable international sports players, both active and retired, who have made history and are now basking in the reflected glory.
  • Culture Agenda: A weekly program that highlights the week’s important national cultural events, including as music concerts, book fairs, festivals, theater productions, art exhibitions, and other cultural activities.

If you are looking for a reliable and unbiased source of news and information, Radio Algerie Internationale is the radio for you. It has become a popular radio for news and information, not only in Algeria but for International community as well. RAI has become more than a radio station. It is a voice of Algeria that reaches out to the world.


Twitter: @radioalgerie

Wikipedia: Radio_Algérie_Internationale

Language: Arabic, Spanish, English and French.

Cell: +21 23 500 301

Address: 21 Boulevard des Martyrs , Alger 16000