Radio Comercial

Radio Comercial

Radio Comercial is one of Portugal’s leading radio stations, offering a diverse range of programming that caters to a wide audience. With a focus on pop, folk music, and news, the station offers a blend of content tailored to cater to various tastes and interests. It offers a dynamic and diverse radio experience, blending popular music with informative news coverage and entertaining programming to appeal to a broad audience across Portugal.

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Radio Comercial Programs

This radio station plays a mix of contemporary pop music, featuring both international hits and popular Portuguese artists. Listeners can expect to hear a variety of genres within the pop spectrum, including pop-rock, dance-pop, and indie-pop. In addition to pop music, the station often incorporates folk music into its programming. This includes traditional Portuguese folk songs, as well as folk-influenced music from around the world.

The station provides regular news updates to keep listeners informed about current events, both domestically and internationally. These segments cover a range of topics, including politics, economy, sports, entertainment, and more. Entertainment Shows: In addition to music and news, it also features entertaining programs hosted by charismatic DJs and personalities.

Radio Comercial Aim

The station strives to deliver accurate and timely information to its audience, ensuring that listeners stay connected to the world around them. It aims to be a dynamic and multifaceted radio station that provides a well-rounded listening experience. It also plays a role in fostering community engagement by organizing events, promotions, and initiatives that bring people together.


Country: Portugal

Genre: pop, news, folk

Language: Portuguese

Radio Comercial

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