Radio Dahab

radio dahab

Radio Dahab is a popular Jordanian radio station that broadcasts a wide variety of programming to a diverse audience. This radio station is known for its dynamic content, which includes a mix of talk shows, classic music, Arabic tunes, and hit songs. It is an online radio station broadcasting from Jordan. It is currently streaming in Arabic.

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Radio Dahab Programs

Talk shows are an important part of this station’s programming. This station features lively debates and interviews on a variety of topics, including current events, lifestyle, entertainment, and social issues. Listeners can tune in to thought-provoking conversations, debates, and expert opinions, making it an excellent platform for staying informed and engaged with current issues.

This radio station broadcasts classic music in addition to talk shows. This station transports listeners on a nostalgic journey by playing timeless melodies from various eras. This includes classic songs by well-known artists and bands, evoking nostalgia and appreciation for the rich musical heritage.

On this Radio Station, Arabic music has a special place. This station plays a diverse selection of Arabic songs from various genres such as pop, traditional, and folk.  Furthermore, this station makes certain that it is up to date with the latest hits. This station plays popular songs from a variety of genres, including international chart-toppers as well as regional favorites.

Radio Dahab Aim

This station’s diverse programming appeals to a wide range of listeners in Jordan and beyond. This radio station provides a vibrant and engaging radio experience, whether someone is looking for insightful discussions, enjoying classic tunes, embracing Arabic music, or enjoying the latest hits.


Country: Jordan

Genre: talk, classic, Arabic, hits

Language: Arabic

radio dahab
Radio Dahab
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