Radio Darvish

Radio Darvish

Radio Darvish is a Persian Traditional Music Station. It is a Persian-language online radio station that broadcasts traditional Persian and world music. This radio station features various traditional Persian music, including classical, folk, and Sufi music. Various genres from around the world that share similar folk musical elements and themes are also played here. This station is well-known for its carefully curated playlists, which include both well-known and lesser-known artists, presenting a diverse range of musical styles and performances.

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Radio Darvish – Programs

Its primary mission is to promote Persian culture, music, and spiritual teachings. This radio station not only plays music but also offers informative and entertaining content about Persian culture, arts, and literature. This station is dedicated to classical Persian music, which has a centuries-long history. Listeners can get lost in the melodies of traditional Persian instruments like the tar, setar, and santur. The station helps listeners connect with Iran’s cultural heritage and appreciate the complexities of Persian musical traditions by showcasing traditional instruments such as the tar, setar, santur, and ney.

Interviews with musicians, scholars, and cultural experts are frequently broadcast on the station, providing listeners with insights into the historical and cultural context of the music they hear.

Radio Darvish – Aim

It aims to promote cultural diversity and provide a platform for listeners to explore and appreciate Iran’s and other regions’ rich musical heritage. One of the radio station’s primary goals is to preserve and revive traditional Persian music with deep historical roots. The station’s goal is to promote cultural diversity and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of Persian musical traditions by providing a platform for both classical and contemporary artists.


Country: Iran

Genre: Folk

Language: Arabic

Radio Darvish
Radio Darvish
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