Radio Fo-Fe

Radio Fo-Fe

Listen to Radio Fo-Fe, one of Burundi’s best!

This is a popular online radio from Burundi. It’s the radio that serves the radio listeners of Burundi with class leading radio programs around the clock.  Fo-Fe’s full form is Fondation-Femidejabat.

The Felicien Minani Son of Jean Bamvunumutima Foundation (FEMIDEJABAT FOUNDATION), in acronym, is a legally constituted Organization, under Burundian law and approved by the Ministry of Justice by Ministerial Order No. 550/391 of 03/28/2018.


Its mission is to promote Burundian culture through music, charitable acts, the socio-economic reintegration of disaster victims and disadvantaged people as well as education for all. Values Burundian culture at the center of socio-economic development and national solidarity.

Its slogan is – “In the service of the People and the Nation.”


The soul of Radio Fo-Fe lies in its passionate presenters who breathe life into every broadcast. Each presenter is carefully chosen not only for their profound knowledge of music but also for their ability to connect with the audience. Their charisma and dedication forge a strong bond between the station and its listeners. Some of the most popular presenters are:

  • Minani Félicien
    President and General Administrator
  • Hon. Sauda Mboneko
    Assistant to the President and General Administrator.
  • Mrs. Odette Rutwe
  • Christine Kimana
    Communications and Public Relations Officer.
  • M Isaac Seeing
    Advisor and Member of internal control body
  • Mme Fidès I know


Radio Fo-Fe broadcasts a wide range of programs around the clock. Its programs cover a variety of topics related to the vision and mission of the radio. The radio airs news, current affairs, education, health, and agriculture. The station also broadcasts a number of popular music and entertainment programs. The radio has a great passion to promote Burundi’s Folk music. Folk music reflects the heritage and culture of a nation pretty well.


Radio Fo-Fe has had a profound impact on Burundian society. The station has been a source of information and education for millions of listeners, and it has played a key role in promoting peace and reconciliation.

Radio Fo-Fe continues to be a vital source of information and education for Burundians. The station’s programs are widely listened to, and they play an important role in shaping public opinion.


Radio Fo-Fe is one of the most popular radio stations in Burundi. The station has gained a large and loyal following across the country. And its programs are listened by people from all walks of life.

Radio Fo-Fe’s popularity is due in part to its commitment to providing its listeners with high-quality programming.



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Twitter: @ffemidejabat1

YouTube: radiotelevisionburundibwiz6524

Language: French

Radio Fo-Fe
Radio Fo-Fe
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