Radio Gutt Laun

Radio Gutt Laun

Radio Gutt Laun is Luxembourg’s Ultimate Pop and Rock Soundtrack. With the perfect blend of pop and rock hits, this radio station comes to life! It is dedicated to bringing you the best tunes that will keep you grooving and rocking around the clock and broadcasts from the heart of Luxembourg. It is currently streaming in French.

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Radio Gutt Laun Programs

Popular pop music programs can be found here. Tune in to our morning show for upbeat pop tracks that will get you in the mood for whatever lies ahead. Rock music programs can also be found here. This show is a celebration of rock’s rich history, from iconic bands to legendary guitar solos.

This one-of-a-kind program combines pop and rock. You’ll listen to songs that combine catchy pop melodies with the electrifying energy of rock rhythms. The programs on this radio introduce you to new artists, underground hits, and indie anthems that deserve your attention.

Radio Gutt Laun Aim

Turn up the volume and let loose this weekend! The party mix on this station is a high-energy blend of pop and rock hits that will keep you dancing. This station values its listeners’ feedback, so don’t be shy about requesting songs, dedicating tracks to loved ones, and taking part in exciting contests and giveaways.

Keep an eye out for Gutt Laun for a music experience that’s all about feeling good and rocking out. This radio station ultimate destination for the best pop and rock sounds in Luxembourg!”


Country: Luxembourg

Genre: rock, pop

Language: French

Radio Gutt Laun

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