Radio HRN

Radio HRN

Radio HRN is a well-known Honduran radio station that has been in operation since 1928. HRN stands for “Honduras Radio Network,” and it has established itself as one of the country’s leading radio stations. It broadcasts on the AM frequency of 670 kHz and is based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras’ capital city.

Radio HRN has a significant reach throughout Honduras, with millions of listeners across the country. It has established itself as a reliable source of information and entertainment, reflecting the pulse of the country and contributing to the Honduran media landscape. Its official website is –

Radio HRN – Programs

Radio HRN provides a diverse range of programming, including news, sports, music, entertainment, and talk shows, to cater to its listeners’ diverse interests. This station focuses on providing current and relevant information, making it a reliable source of Honduran news and current events. Expert guests are frequently featured on the talk shows, encouraging dialogue and providing insights into important national issues.

This radio station’s extensive news coverage is one of its distinguishing features. It provides comprehensive local, national, and international news updates, keeping listeners up to date on the latest events in a variety of fields.

In addition to news, it has a variety of entertainment and music shows. It caters to a diverse audience by playing a variety of popular music genres such as Latin, pop, rock, and traditional Honduran music.

Radio HRN – Aim

This radio station’s mission is to spread Honduran news and culture. It is an important part of the Honduran media landscape, providing news, entertainment, and engaging discussions to a large audience while remaining a constant source of information and connection for Hondurans.


Country: Honduras

Genre: pop, news, talk

Language: Spanish

Radio HRN

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