Radio Jaagriti is a popular radio station in Trinidad and Tobago that serves a varied audience with a concentration on spiritual, and religious programming. It broadcasts prayers, rites, and celebrations in real-time. The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha established a 24-hour radio station in Trinidad and Tobago to broadcast Hindu religious programming and to fulfill the media needs of the Hindu community.

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Radio Jaagriti Programs

This radio station is well-known for its spiritual and religious programming. It provides a platform for people of all faiths, with a focus on Hinduism. Listeners can hear devotional music, bhajans, kirtans, and Hindu spirituality discussions. It has a variety of conversation shows that cover a wide range of issues of interest to its listeners. These talk shows frequently address current events, community issues, cultural issues, and conversations about spirituality and religion.

This station is quite active in the Trinidad and Tobago community. It is a venue for community announcements, activities, and humanitarian projects. It is critical in building a sense of community among its listeners and boosting communal cohesion. This station is also very important in promoting and conserving Trinidad and Tobago’s cultural history, particularly the Indian cultural features. Live coverage of cultural events, festivals, and festivities is frequently broadcast by the station.

Radio Jaagriti Aim

This radio station is critical in conserving and promoting the rich cultural and religious legacy of Trinidad and Tobago’s Hindu population. It is an important source of spiritual, cultural, and community-oriented content in Trinidad and Tobago. Its dedication to promoting religious and cultural diversity while encouraging community interaction makes it a valuable and beloved radio station in the region.

Radio Jaagriti’s programming and religious and cultural offerings have continued to evolve. It gave rise to TV Jaagriti, which carries the flag of Sanatan Dharma on a different platform. Radio Jaagriti’s accessibility and listenership are growing. We deliver broadcasts from all over the world to you.


Country: Trinidad and Tobago

Genre: talk, spiritual, religious

Language: Hindi

Frequency: 102.7 FM MHz

First air date: 19 January 2007

Radio Jaagriti

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