Radio Jambo

Radio Jambo

Radio Jambo is a popular Kenyan radio station that provides a wide variety of programming to its listeners. This station is known for its engaging content, which includes news updates, sports coverage, talk shows, and a diverse selection of African music. This station features a wide range of genres, including traditional African music, contemporary Afro-pop, Afrobeat, rhumba, reggae, and more.

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Radio Jambo Programs

This radio station provides comprehensive and up-to-date news coverage, bringing you the most recent local, regional, and international news. The station reports on current events, politics, business, health, and other significant events in Kenya and around the world.  This radio station is devoted to sports and devotes a significant portion of its programming to it. They provide information on a variety of sports, including football (soccer), athletics, rugby, cricket, and others.

There are also engaging and interactive talk shows that cover a wide range of topics of interest to its listeners. Talk shows frequently discuss social issues, current trends, lifestyle, and entertainment, as well as provide a forum for listeners to share their thoughts and experiences.

Radio Jambo Aim

This radio station’s mission is to spread African culture and news. It strives to provide a balanced mix of informative and entertaining content, catering to its listeners’ diverse interests. This station wants to promote and celebrate African music by showcasing both established and emerging artists from Kenya and across the continent.


Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Genres: Golf Bets, News, Sports, Talk shows, African music

Language: English

Contact: 726367193

Radio Jambo

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