Radio Neuland is known for providing a diverse range of programming that caters to various aspects of its audience’s interests. It is one of the most popular 24-hour radio stations in Paraguay. It broadcasts in Spanish. You can listen to a wide range of programs in genres such as culture, entertainment, spirituality, and information. To cater to their audience’s diverse interests, radio stations frequently include spiritual and religious programming. This could include religious talks, sermons, or music with spiritual themes.

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Radio Neuland Programs

This radio station is likely to broadcast programs that celebrate and investigate Paraguayan culture. This could include discussions about regionally significant traditional music, dance, folklore, art, literature, and other cultural aspects. Here you can also find entertainment in the form of music, interviews, and other interesting content. Popular Paraguayan music genres such as polka and guarania, as well as contemporary and international music, may be featured.

This radio station most likely broadcasts news, updates, and educational content to keep its listeners informed. To provide a comprehensive view of current events, this includes local news, national updates, and possibly international news. It also broadcasts religious programs, debates on faith and morality, and interviews with religious leaders and experts to provide guidance and inspiration.

Radio Neuland Aim

This radio station seeks to serve its audience by providing a diverse range of content relevant to various aspects of their lives. It includes programming that celebrates and promotes Paraguayan culture. Music, interviews with local artists, discussions about traditional customs and festivals, and coverage of cultural events could all be included.


Country: Paraguay

Genre: culture, entertainment, spiritual, information

Language: Spanish

Radio Neuland