Radio Ohang FM

Radio Ohang FM

Radio Ohang FM from Tajikistan offers a vibrant blend of pop and folk music, providing listeners with a diverse musical experience rooted in the rich cultural heritage of Tajikistan. From the upbeat rhythms of contemporary pop tunes to the soul-stirring melodies of traditional folk songs, the station caters to a wide audience, celebrating the country’s musical diversity. Its goal is to create a vibrant cultural mosaic that reflects the rich musical heritage of Tajikistan while also catering to contemporary tastes.

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Radio Ohang FM Programs

Listeners tuning in to Radio Ohang FM can expect to hear a variety of musical styles, ranging from modern pop hits to authentic folk compositions, reflecting the cultural tapestry of Tajikistan. The station serves as a platform for both established artists and emerging talents, showcasing the country’s dynamic music scene to a global audience.

One of the primary goals of Radio Ohang FM is to preserve and promote Tajik folk music. By featuring traditional melodies, rhythms, and instruments, the station strives to keep alive the cultural heritage and identity of Tajikistan’s diverse communities. Alongside folk music, it acknowledges the importance of contemporary pop culture. By featuring popular songs from Tajikistan and around the world, the station connects with younger audiences and provides them with a platform to enjoy music that resonates with current trends and influences.

Radio Ohang FM Aim

Whether listeners are in search of catchy pop anthems or soothing folk melodies, the station aims to entertain, inspire, and connect audiences through the universal language of music. With its eclectic playlist and dedication to promoting Tajik music, the station continues to be a beloved destination for music enthusiasts both locally and abroad.


Country: Tajikistan

Genre: pop, folk

Language: Tajik

Radio Ohang FM
Radio Ohang FM
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