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radio phoenix

Radio Phoenix is a well-known Zambian radio station recognized for its broad programming, which includes African and romantic shows. It was founded in 1996 and has since been a popular source of entertainment and information for a diverse variety of listeners in Zambia and abroad. Expect to be taken on a musical journey that showcases the range and vibrancy of African music.

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Radio Phoenix Programs

This radio station is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of African music and culture. They have dedicated programs that celebrate the continent’s unique musical heritage. These performances frequently feature a variety of African music styles, such as Afrobeat, Highlife, Soukous, Reggae, and traditional tribal rhythms. This radio station frequently conducts interviews with local and worldwide African performers to enrich the African music experience. It allows listeners to engage in a deeper way with their favorite musicians.

This radio station has programming dedicated to love songs and ballads for individuals looking for romantic and sentimental music. These shows curate a selection of pleasant and emotive songs that appeal to their audience’s romantic side. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just want to listen to some live tunes, these programs are ideal.

It also has dedication shows where listeners can submit notes and requests. These shows foster a personal connection between the station and its listeners by allowing people to express their sentiments and love for one another through meaningful words and specially selected tunes.

Radio Phoenix Aim

This radio station is a versatile radio station that provides a blend of African music, romantic tunes, artist interviews, and intriguing debates. It functions as a cultural and entertainment center, catering to the different tastes and interests of its audience while promoting the rich heritage of African music and culture.


Country: Zambia

Genre: African, romantic

Language: English

radio phoenix

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