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Radio Sehara is an online radio station broadcasting from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was established with the primary goal of bringing the homeland closer to its listeners. It promotes Bosnia’s Folk music and its heritage to a world audience.

Likewise, it’s a radio for all nations and generations, a radio that connects people. Furthermore, it’s a radio that is made with the heart and soul to touch listeners emotion. Radio Sehara works for you. 24 hours with you. You can tune in any time and enjoy its class leading programs that connect people from across the globe.


The station’s goal was to create a radio station that would promote Bosnian folk music, culture and heritage. It quickly became one of the most popular radio station with support from thousands of listeners tuning every day. The radio’s vision revolves around becoming a leading source of entertainment and cultural hub for its listeners. Its mission is to provide diverse and engaging content that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences of its listeners.


Radio Sehara airs a diverse array of programs to cater to its broad audience. Its programs include folk music shows, talk shows, cultural programs, and more. Naturally, the radio loves to keep you entertained and informed with its day long diverse programs.


The station is home to a team of skilled and charismatic presenters who add a personal touch to their shows. They bring enthusiasm, knowledge, and a deep connection with their listeners, making the station a dynamic and engaging place.

This is one of the most popular radio stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a result, the station has a large and loyal audience, and it is widely respected for its high-quality programming. It continues to captivate its audience with its diverse content and a commitment to deliver quality listening experience.



FaceBook: radiosehara

Language: Bosnian

Contact Number: +387 62 850 950

Address: Novi Grad, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Radio Sehara
Radio Sehara
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