Radio Sultanate of Oman

Radio Sultanate of Oman

Radio Sultanate of Oman is a Brazilian radio station that broadcasts online. Through the universal language of jazz, it hopes to bridge cultures and continents. Here provides up-to-date news coverage, both local and international. Its purpose is to expose the rich and diverse world of jazz music to Brazilian audiences. Programs also built a unique relationship with the Sultanate of Oman. It aspires to provide an analysis related to political issues. Here you can find a jazz musical experience that crosses borders and celebrates the shared passion of this genre. It is currently available in Portuguese and Arabic.

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Radio Sultanate of Oman Programs

The station likely covers a range of news topics, including local and international news, with a focus on issues relevant to both Oman and Brazil. Given the emphasis on politics, the station features programs that delve into political developments in Oman, Brazil, around the world.

Their programs mix vintage and contemporary jazz, demonstrating the adaptability and global popularity of this timeless musical genre. Whether you’re a seasoned jazz fan or a beginner to the world of jazz, this station welcomes you to experience the enchantment of spontaneous melodies, deep rhythms, and the cultural exchange that jazz represents.

Beyond entertainment, this station aspires to promote cultural understanding and appreciation between Brazil and Oman. By sharing the beauty of jazz, it creates a unique space for connection, building a sense of solidarity and friendship across continents.

Radio Sultanate of Oman Aim

Listen to Radio Sultanate of Oman from Brazil for a musical trip that crosses borders, bringing the Sultanate’s enchantment to the rich soundscape of Brazilian radio. Join us as we celebrate the ability of jazz to bring people and cultures together, producing a beautiful blend that resonates from the heart of Oman to the spirit of Brazil.


Country: Brazil

Genre: Jazz, news, talk

Language: Portuguese

Radio Sultanate of Oman
Radio Sultanate of Oman
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