Radio Swiss Jazz

Radio Swiss Jazz

Radio Swiss Jazz is a Swiss online radio station that focuses on jazz and related genres. It is known for its commitment to delivering a diverse and high-quality musical experience. The station focused on blues, jazz, and soul genres. It aims to create a platform that celebrates and promotes these genres, offering a unique blend of classic and contemporary music to its listeners.

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Radio Swiss Jazz Programs

The station typically features a diverse selection of jazz music, including various sub-genres such as blues, soul, and more. They showcase both classic and contemporary jazz artists, providing a well-rounded listening experience for jazz enthusiasts. For blues enthusiasts, you can expect to hear a range of blues styles, from traditional to modern interpretations. Blues is known for its expressive and emotional nature, and the station curates playlists that capture the essence of this genre.

The station covers a broad spectrum, encompassing traditional jazz, bebop, swing, fusion, and other sub-genres. Jazz is celebrated for its improvisational nature, intricate melodies, and diverse instrumentation. Soul, with its roots deeply intertwined with jazz and rhythm and blues, is likely to be another integral part of it’s programming.

Radio Swiss Jazz Aim

The station strives to provide a broad spectrum of blues, jazz, and soul music, ranging from the classic and traditional to the innovative and modern. It has an underlying goal of enriching the cultural experience of its audience by exposing them to the depth and richness of blues, jazz, and soul. It aims to reach a global audience and connect jazz enthusiasts from around the world.


Country: Switzerland

Genre: blues, jazz, soul

Language: Swiss

Radio Swiss Jazz
Radio Swiss Jazz
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