Radio Taratra FM

Radio Taratra FM

Radio Taratra FM is a popular radio station in Madagascar that provides its listeners with a wide variety of programming. With a focus on pop music and news updates, this station seeks to entertain and inform a diverse audience across the country. It is currently streaming in French. Listeners can tune in to their dedicated programs in genres such as pop and news.

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Radio Taratra FM Programs

This radio station’s selection of pop music is one of its main draws. This station plays a wide range of popular genres, including current hits, international pop, and Malagasy music. Listeners can enjoy a lively mix of upbeat songs, catchy melodies, and trending tracks that cater to a wide range of musical tastes.

This station is dedicated to providing its audience with accurate and timely news in addition to music programming. Local, national, and international news, politics, sports, business, and lifestyle updates are all covered by this station. The news segments are intended to keep listeners up to date on current events and developments in Madagascar and around the world.

The station authority employs experienced and knowledgeable presenters who deliver the news with skill and professionalism, ensuring credibility and professionalism in their broadcasts. They provide listeners with concise summaries, interviews, and analyses to keep them informed and engaged.

Radio Taratra FM Aim

It is a dynamic radio station that entertains and informs its listeners by combining pop music and news updates. Within the Malagasy broadcasting landscape, it serves as a valuable source of entertainment, and current affairs, and a platform for audience engagement.


Country: Madagascar

Genre: pop, news

Language: French

Radio Taratra FM
Radio Taratra FM
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