Radio Uthamiyae FM

Radio Uthamiyae FM

Radio Uthamiyae FM serves the people and listeners of Qatar. Listeners from all over the world can tune in to this station, which broadcasts in Tamil. This channel is a web outreach of the Word of God Church in Doha, Qatar. Users can listen to a variety of programmers in genres such as Christian, children, and religious. Its mission is to disseminate and promote Christian values, teachings, and principles. It makes an effort to actively engage with the local community.

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Radio Uthamiyae FM Programs

This radio station broadcasts sermons, discussions, and educational programs based on Christian beliefs. It aspires to reach a broader audience, both within and outside of the Christian community. These programs are specifically designed for evangelism and sharing the Christian message.

Uthamiyae Album Songs are unique Tamil Christian Songs that will undoubtedly be a blessing to you and your congregation as you Praise and Worship the Lord Almighty.

Incorporating children’s programs shows a dedication to the holistic development of the next generation. These programs include educational content, Bible stories, and kid-friendly entertainment that instills Christian values. It also seeks to foster understanding and tolerance among religious communities.

Radio Uthamiyae FM Aim

This radio station aims to contribute to the spiritual growth and development of its listeners through various programs such as sermons, Bible studies, and inspirational talks. It frequently broadcasts worship services, hymns, and other musical content that allows listeners to participate in worship even while at home. It may be an important goal to provide educational content about Christianity, the Bible, and Christian history.


Country: Qatar

Genre: Christian, children, religious

Language: Tamil, English

Radio Uthamiyae FM
Radio Uthamiyae FM
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