Radio vNews

Radio vNews

Radio vNews is a well-known radio station in the Maldives that is committed to providing its listeners with up-to-date news and information. It provides a dependable source of local, regional, and international news to a varied readership with a wide range of interests. It is dedicated to reporting local news, such as politics, the economy, social issues, and cultural events. Listeners from all over the world can tune in to this station, which broadcasts in Maldivian.

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Radio vNews Programs

This radio station’s programming begins with extensive morning news briefs. These segments include the most recent headlines, breaking news, and major events from the Maldives and across the world. This radio station gives information on foreign events ranging from global politics to economic trends. Here you can also find business and economic news, here covers topics such as market trends, investment opportunities, and economic policies.

The Maldives’ economy and way of life are inextricably linked to its climate and tourism. This radio station provides daily weather updates and travel reports to assist residents and tourists in planning their activities. Health-related parts cover themes such as healthcare policies, medical breakthroughs, and healthy living suggestions.

This radio station understands the value of cultural preservation and enjoyment. Traditional Maldivian culture, art, music, and literature segments help to maintain the nation’s legacy.

Radio vNews Aim

This radio station offers a comprehensive source of news and information, catering to the Maldivian population’s informational requirements while building a sense of connection and involvement within the community. It maintains a strong relationship with its audience by encouraging listener interaction. This can involve live call-ins, social media engagements, and debates about neighborhood issues.


Country: Maldives

Genre: news

Language: Maldivian

Address: PO Box 20037, H. Sun Ray, Sosun Magu, Male’ Maldives

Tel: +960-3314888


Radio vNews
Radio vNews
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