RTHK Radio 1 is a radio station owned and operated by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), Hong Kong’s public broadcasting service. It is one of several radio channels provided by RTHK and is known for its informative and educational programming. This radio station primarily broadcasts news, education, current events, and public affairs discussions. It provides a wide range of programs covering local and international news, politics, economics, social issues, cultural events, and more.

RTHK Radio 1 broadcasts in Hong Kong on the FM frequency 92.6 MHz and is also available online via RTHK’s official website and mobile apps. It is an important source of information and a forum for public debate in Hong Kong. RTHK Radio 1 official website is – www.rthk.hk/radio/radio1

RTHK Radio 1 – Programs

It provides a diverse range of programming, including news, current events, cultural and arts programming, educational shows, and music. Programs focus on educational programming, with shows covering a wide range of topics such as science, history, literature, and language learning. It airs interviews, discussions, and debates with experts and newsmakers in order to provide in-depth analysis and perspectives on critical issues.

This radio station provides a diverse range of music shows, including classical, jazz, pop, and traditional Chinese music. To engage and entertain its audience, the station also organizes contests, live performances, and interviews with local and international musicians.

RTHK Radio 1 – Aim

The primary goal of this station is to provide the general public with informative, educational, and entertaining programming. Its goal is to provide listeners with in-depth analysis, expert interviews, and diverse perspectives on a variety of topics.

This station strives to be a trustworthy source of news and information, informing the public about local and international events, politics, social issues, and other topics of interest.  These programs aim to promote lifelong learning and provide opportunities for listeners to broaden their knowledge and understanding.


Country: Hong Kong

Genre: news, education, entertainment

Language: Cantonese and Chinese

RTHK Radio 1
RTHK Radio 1
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Contact Details

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RTHKradio1/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTHK_HK