CRHK 881 is a popular Hong Kong radio station. It is owned by the Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK) group and is one of the region’s leading Chinese-language radio stations. It is well-known for its wide range of programming, which includes news, talk shows, music, and culture. The station primarily broadcasts in Cantonese, Hong Kong’s native language, and serves a diverse audience.

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CRHK 881 – Programs

CRHK 881 broadcasts a diverse range of programming, including news, current events, entertainment, music, and lifestyle shows. To cater to the diverse interests of its listeners, the station offers a mix of talk shows, interviews, and music segments.

This radio station is well-known for its interactive and engaging content, which frequently includes audience participation via phone calls, social media, and live events. The station’s experienced radio hosts and journalists provide insightful commentary and entertaining discussions on a variety of topics. This radio station strives to foster interaction with its listeners and to foster a sense of community. Through call-ins, listener feedback, and social media engagement, it encourages audience participation.

CRHK 881 – Aim

CRHK 881 intends to provide its listeners with a diverse range of entertaining and informative content. It primarily broadcasts news, current events, music, and a variety of entertainment programs. The station’s goal is to keep its audience up to date on the latest local and international news, as well as to host lively discussions on social and cultural issues.

By playing a variety of music genres and supporting local musicians, this radio station aims to promote Hong Kong’s local music industry. This station frequently features artist interviews, offers platforms for new talent, and organizes events to promote local music. Its goal is to provide a venue for listeners to express themselves, share their stories, and connect with others.


Country: Hong Kong

Genre: news, talk, culture

Language: Chinese

CRHK 881
CRHK 881
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