RTK Radio

RTK Radio

RTK Radio is a Malta-based radio station that provides a unique blend of conversation and Christian programming. This station is committed to engaging its listeners in meaningful dialogues about a variety of issues while instilling Christian values and principles in its programming. It is an online radio station broadcasting from Malta. It is being broadcast in Maltese.

RTK Radio official website – rtk.com.mt/mt/

RTK Radio Programs

This radio station is well-known for its interesting and diverse talk shows. These presentations address a wide range of topics, such as current affairs, social issues, lifestyle, health, and more. The station employs experienced and engaging broadcasters and specialists to facilitate these talks, giving listeners useful insights and information.

This radio station focuses heavily on Christian principles and spirituality. It provides a variety of Christian programs, including as sermons, theological conversations, inspiring messages, and music reflecting Christian themes and values. This information is intended to elevate and inspire the listeners’ faith. A selection of Christian music is also played here. This includes modern Christian music, gospel, hymns, and other genres that complement the station’s religious programming.

RTK Radio Aim

This radio station’s major mission is to bring spiritual nourishment to its listeners. These programs are frequently used as instructional tools, with the goal of teaching the Bible, theology, and Christian ethics. This radio station is deeply connected with the Maltese community. On its broadcasts, it frequently features local leaders, organizations, and community events. This fosters a sense of belonging and involvement in the community it serves.


Country: Malta

Genre: talk, Christian

Language: Maltese

RTK Radio