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Soundeo FM is a radio station that broadcasts house and deep house music 24/7 from Minsk, Belarus. It is a source of soft, dense and atmospheric sound that aims to bring energy and joy to its listeners.


Soundeo FM’s mission is to provide high-quality house and deep house music to its listeners, to promote talented and emerging artists and labels in the genre, to create a community of like-minded people who share their love for house music, and to inspire positive change and social good through their music.

Soundeo FM offers a variety of programs that cater to different tastes and moods of house music fans. Some of the programs are:

  • Soundeo Mixtape: A weekly show that features the best house and deep house tracks selected by Soundeo FM’s DJs and guests. It airs every Friday at 8 pm (local time).
  • Soundeo Soul: A non-commercial project that showcases the soulful and emotional side of house music. It airs every Sunday at 10 pm (local time).
  • Soundeo Records: A record label that promotes not only famous names and brands, but also aspiring talented musicians, record labels, cinematographers and photographers. It releases new tracks every month on various platforms.
  • Soundeo Live: A live broadcast that covers various events and festivals related to house music around the world. It also features interviews with artists and organizers.

History of the company:

Soundeo FM, founded in 2017, was created by house music enthusiasts to share their passion and discover new sounds. Initially a music blog and YouTube channel, they gained popularity and recognition in the local and international house music community. In 2019, they launched Soundeo FM, expanding their influence. Then, in 2020, they established Soundeo Records, giving them more creative freedom. In 2021, they launched Soundeo Soul, a non-commercial project supporting the artistic expression and social impact of house music.


Soundeo FM’s vision is to become a leading global platform for house and deep house music, where music manifests itself not only as something deep, but also serious, self-absorbed and emotionally saturated, carrying a bright palette of modern sounds and melancholic vibrations.

Soundeo FM has made a significant impact on the house music scene in Belarus and beyond. It has attracted millions of listeners from different countries and regions.


Soundeo FM
Soundeo FM
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