Triunfo 96.9 FM is broadcasting for the people and listeners of Puerto Rico. It caters to a broad audience by having a variety of programs, including content suitable for children and entertainment. It has diverse content, including music, news, talk shows, and specialized programs. Children’s programs on radio stations include educational content, storytelling, and music suitable for younger audiences. Entertainment programs cover a range of topics such as celebrity interviews, pop culture discussions, and humorous segments.

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Triunfo 96.9 FM Programs

It incorporates educational elements into its programming, covering topics such as language development, science, math, and general knowledge in a fun and interactive manner. These programs also incorporate elements that promote positive values, creativity, and learning. Programs include content that introduces children to different cultures, languages, and traditions, promoting an understanding and appreciation for diversity.

Entertainment programs keeping children entertained is a primary goal. Radio programs include storytelling, music, interactive games, and age-appropriate humor to captivate the attention of young listeners. It aims to instill positive values and teach important life lessons. This can be achieved through storytelling, interviews with role models, and discussions about empathy, friendship, and respect.

Triunfo 96.9 FM Aim

This radio station aims to provide diverse content to cater to different audiences, including children and families. Here recognize the importance of engaging in programming for children that stimulates their imagination, fosters learning, and promotes positive values.


Country: Puerto Rico

Genre: Children, Entertainment

Language: Spanish

Triunfo 96.9 FM
Triunfo 96.9 FM
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