Tumar FM

Tumar FM

Tumar FM is a popular radio station in Kyrgyzstan that broadcasts a wide variety of programming, including pop music, news updates, and engaging talk shows. This station strives to provide accurate and dependable news updates, keeping listeners informed of significant events and developments. It is a dynamic radio station that caters to its audience’s diverse interests by playing a mix of pop music, news, and talk shows. It is broadcast for the people and listeners of Kyrgyzstan.

Tumar FM official website is – www.tumar.fm/

Tumar FM Programs

This station’s pop music segment includes a wide range of genres, including current hits, international pop, and Kyrgyz music. Listeners can enjoy both current chart-toppers and timeless classics, creating a vibrant and energetic environment.

In addition to music, there are regular news bulletins to keep the audience up to date on what is going on in Kyrgyzstan and around the world. Politics, current events, sports, business, and culture are among the topics covered in the news segments.

This radio station also provides interesting talk shows on a variety of topics of interest. These talk shows provide a forum for experts, celebrities, and influential people to participate in discussions, debates, and interviews. Social issues, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, and other topics may be discussed.

Tumar FM Aim

It aims to appeal to a wide audience by providing entertaining and informative content. This station works hard to keep its music selection fresh and interesting so that listeners can hear their favorite songs throughout the day. It works hard to keep listeners entertained, informed, and engaged, making it a popular choice among Kyrgyz radio enthusiasts.


Country: Kyrgyzstan

Genre: pop, news, talk

Language: Kyrgyz

Tumar FM

Contact Details

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