Listen to 104.7 Hit, Costa Rica’s Pulsating Rhythm!

104.7 Hit is one of the best radio from Costa Rica both online and on FM tuner. It has a wide audience, ranging from teenagers to young adults. The radio is famous for its engaging musical programs around the clock. It is one of the most popular and influential radio in Costa Rica. With a loyal and diverse audience that enjoys its eclectic and innovative programming.


104.7 Hit was founded in 2010 by Cadena Musical, a group of radio professionals who wanted to create a different and fresh option for the Costa Rican listeners. The station’s slogan is “We play what we like”, reflecting its independent and creative spirit. The station’s mission is to offer quality music, entertainment, culture, and information to its audience, while promoting local and international talent and supporting social causes.

Over the years, it has consistently evolved, adapting to changing trends and audience preferences, while maintaining its core values of quality, entertainment, and cultural relevance.


104.7 Hit plays the best of alternative music, from rock to electronic, from indie to pop. It’s based on Alternative music, 90s, 2000s, current and classics. Listeners are treated with only the best songs by artists of Costa Rica and beyond. The broadcasting team always loves to play the very best of trending and classic music hits. “We play what we like” the slogan says it all.

From the energetic beats of electronic music to the soulful melodies of contemporary pop, the station ensures there’s something for every taste. Their flagship programs, such as ‘Trackin’ the Hits’ and ‘HitParade,’ showcase the latest chart-toppers and emerging artists, keeping listeners abreast of the global music scene.

104.7 Hit’s vision is to be the premier radio station in Costa Rica, providing a platform for a diverse range of musical genres and cultural experiences.



FaceBook: 1047hit

Language: Spanish

Frequency: 104.7 FM

104.7 Hit

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