Listen to 95.5 Jazz: The Best of Jazz Music in Costa Rica!

95.5 Jazz, as the name itself suggests, it’s a radio solely focused on jazz music.  The ultimate jazz music radio broadcasting from San José, Costa Rica. Thousands of listeners from Costa Rica and from across the globe tunes the radio to enjoy its deeply engaging radio programs on all kinds of jazz music.


95.5 Jazz is all about jazz music, all day long. It plays a selection of high-quality smooth jazz, Latin jazz, and fusion jazz hits. Furthermore, the radio showcases the diversity and richness of Latin jazz, with artists from Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Colombia, and more. Also, explores the fusion of jazz with other genres, such as rock, funk, soul, and world music. Its focus on class leading programs on classical to modern jazz music creates an engaging and rich soundscape.


The radio has a team of talented and passionate presenters who share their love and knowledge of jazz music with the listeners. They are professional and fans of Jazz music themselves. Their charm and charismatic presentation makes the listening experience a treat for its audiences.


The vision of 95.5 Jazz is to be the leading radio station in Costa Rica that promotes and supports jazz music and culture. Also, its mission to provide quality entertainment and information to its listeners, while also educating and inspiring them to appreciate and enjoy jazz music. This is evident in the growth and recognition of the jazz scene in Costa Rica, as well as in the loyalty and satisfaction of its listeners.

95.5 Jazz is more than just a radio station. It is a platform that celebrates and supports jazz music and culture in Costa Rica and beyond.



FaceBook: 955jazz

Language: Spanish

Address: Zapote de Casa Presidencial 400 oeste, Zapote, Costa Rica

95.5 Jazz

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