91X is a renowned radio station based in Mexico that offers a captivating blend of oldies and alternative rock music. With a distinct focus on nostalgia and contemporary tastes, it curates a diverse playlist that resonates with listeners across generations. It aims to offer a journey through musical history while also staying relevant to current trends in the alternative music scene.

Its official website – www.91x.com

91X Programs

Listeners tuning in can expect to hear iconic hits from the past, spanning various decades, alongside cutting-edge alternative rock tracks from both established and emerging artists. This eclectic mix creates an engaging auditory experience that appeals to a wide audience, from those seeking the familiar tunes of yesteryears to enthusiasts of the latest alternative sounds.

In addition to its music programming, it often features informative segments, entertaining discussions, and interviews with musicians, making it not only a source of great music but also a platform for cultural exploration and discovery. It also provides engaging content such as artist interviews, music news, and event coverage, creating a vibrant community for fans of both oldies and alternative rock to connect and stay informed.

91X Aim

It aims to serve as a cultural hub for lovers of retro hits and modern alternative sounds, offering a dynamic and immersive listening experience that celebrates the rich diversity of music within these genres. With its dynamic playlist, engaging content, and commitment to both oldies and alternative rock, it continues to captivate listeners, offering a unique radio experience that celebrates the timeless appeal of classic hits while embracing the innovation and creativity of contemporary alternative rock.


Country: Mexico

Genre: 90s

Language: Spanish