Viva El Mariachi

Viva El Mariachi

Viva El Mariachi is a popular Mexican radio station that offers a diverse range of entertainment, catering to fans of pop, Mexican music, and grupera genres. It provides a vibrant representation of Mexico’s rich musical heritage and contemporary music scene.

Mariachi is a traditional Mexican music genre characterized by its distinctive instrumentation, featuring violins, trumpets, guitars, and vocals, often performed by musicians dressed in iconic charro outfits. This radio station recognizes that this music transcends borders and appeals to a wide range of listeners, from aficionados of traditional Mexican music to those who enjoy pop and grupera genres.

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Viva El Mariachi Programs

This radio station prides itself on its musical diversity. It showcases a broad spectrum of Mexican music styles, including traditional mariachi, regional Mexican, pop, and grupera. This diversity allows viewers to experience the full range of Mexico’s musical culture. It invites artists and musicians from various backgrounds to collaborate and share their interpretations of mariachi music. This cross-cultural pollination helps expand the reach and impact of mariachi music globally.

Grupera is a popular genre in Mexico, known for its romantic and danceable tunes. This station dedicates segments to grupera music, introducing viewers to the latest hits and emerging grupera acts. Beyond the music, it often highlights Mexican culture and traditions. This can include segments on Mexican cuisine, festivals, and regional customs, providing a well-rounded cultural experience.

Viva El Mariachi Aim

This radio station is an initiative that celebrates and promotes mariachi music by offering a diverse range of programming that appeals to fans of pop, Mexican, and grupera music. Whether you’re a fan of pop, Mexican, or grupera music, it provides a platform to discover, enjoy, and connect with the vibrant music culture of Mexico.


Country: Mexico

Genre: pop, Mexican, grupera

Language: Spanish

Viva El Mariachi
Viva El Mariachi
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