96.3 WROCK is one of the Philippines’ most popular 24-hour radio stations. It is well-known for its eclectic playlist, which includes rock, soft rock, and adult contemporary music. It only broadcasts in English. The station’s goal was to appeal to a diverse audience by playing a mix of rock genres. Here you can find soft rock hits, and adult contemporary songs to appeal to listeners with a variety of musical tastes.

WROCK is Cebu’s number-one premium radio station catering to the ABC market, as well as the region’s number-one online radio. Currently broadcasting from Cebu City’s CBD and reaching Bohol, Leyte, Negros, and other parts of the Central Visayas Region via FM band, and catering to nearly 1 million Filipinos daily online.

Its official website – 963wrock.com/

96.3 WRocK Programs

This radio station drew a diverse audience by playing a mix of classic and contemporary rock songs, as well as softer and mellower tracks from the soft rock and adult contemporary genres. The station most likely provided a wide range of music programming to appeal to a wide range of musical tastes within the rock spectrum.

It frequently features various forms of entertainment, such as on-air personalities, contests, and news segments. These elements help to create a strong connection with the audience and keep them engaged. Keep in mind that a radio station’s specific programming and objectives can change over time, so it’s best to double-check the most recent information to ensure accuracy.

96.3 WRocK Aim

The station’s goal was to provide a balanced playlist that could be enjoyed by a wide range of age groups, incorporating classic and contemporary rock tunes as well as softer and more melodic adult contemporary tracks. The goal has been to create a diverse and inclusive music playlist that will appeal to listeners throughout the day.


Country: Philippines

Genre: rock, soft rock, adult contemporary

Language: English

96.3 WRocK

Contact Details

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