Retro Davao 95.5

Retro Davao 95.5

Retro Davao 95.5 is a radio station in the Philippines that broadcasts a variety of oldies and 90s music programming. It appeals to a diverse group of listeners who enjoy nostalgic songs from the 1950s to the 1990s. The station’s goal is to appeal to a specific demographic, often those who grew up in the 1990s or have an interest in the music and culture of that time period. It caters to the likes and preferences of listeners who enjoy music from previous decades.

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Retro Davao 95.5 Programs

This radio station specializes in playing timeless masterpieces, iconic hits, and undiscovered gems from the 1980s and 1990s. This comprises a wide range of genres such as rock, pop, R&B, disco, and others. It frequently airs themed shows or parts devoted to a certain artist, band, decade, or musical genre. These shows take listeners on a deeper dive into their favorite era’s music.

The station usually invites fans to contribute song requests and shoutouts to friends and family, making it a highly interactive and community-oriented radio station. It also adds some local features into its programming, such as featuring local events, news, and commercials, giving its broadcasts a distinct regional character.

Along with playing international songs from the 1990s and prior decades, the station may promote and support local musicians and bands who were active at the time. It also promotes and arranges events commemorating 90s nostalgia and oldies music.

Retro Davao 95.5 Aim

This radio station’s major goal is to convey a sense of nostalgia while also catering to its audience’s entertainment needs. This station allows music fans to recapture the magic of the oldies and 1990s eras. It appeals to a wide range of listeners, providing a rich tapestry of songs that are guaranteed to strike a chord with those who love the timeless charm of old music. It seeks to send listeners back to the 1990s and prior decades by playing music from that time period.


Country: Philippines

Genre: Oldies, 90s

Language: Pilipino

Retro Davao 95.5
Retro Davao 95.5
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