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Previously, ABC Grandstand, now called ABC Sport, is a sport focused radio station from ABC radio network and Australia. This is a sports-focused commentary and talk-back radio station. It broadcasts through Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) local radio network across Australia and listeners from across the globe can also enjoy the radio as an online radio.


ABC Sport is Australia’s leading sports radio broadcaster. Providing live coverage of rugby, AFL, cricket, football and other sporting events and results, this has become the most prominent sport radio in Australia. It follows the Rugby League from the Grand Finale of the AFL to the Rugby League. It also offers extra coverage of various local sporting events across Australia. In addition to live coverage, it features various sports podcasts. Such as ABC SPORT DAILY, The Ticket, Best of ABC Sport, Roy and HG – Bludging on the Blindside, and Everlasting Summer. Listeners can also enjoy interviews and conversations with popular sporting personalities across the country. ABC Grandstand also offers a range of other podcasts, such as Roy and HG – Bludging on the Blindside and Everlasting Summer, celebrating the 90 years of cricket on ABC. Another great podcast, The Ticket presents a weekly in-depth analysis of the major issues in sports business, politics, and governance. It’s coverage of cricket is particularly noteworthy.

ABC Sport is a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest sports news and scores. It provides live coverage of the best sports from around the country. The radio features regular guests such as Kerry O’Keeffe, Geoff Huegill, and Al Baxter.


ABC Sport, formerly ABC Radio Grandstand, is a live radio sports-focused commentary and talk-back program on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s local radio network and digital-only station. It has been a staple for Australian sports fans since the 1930s, covering cricket matches, AFL, football, rugby league, and rugby union. In November 2020, ABC rebranded all sports coverage as “ABC SPORT,” renaming the show on digital radio and social media.

The show’s host, Andrew Moore, has been with ABC Grandstand for three years and has been hosting the NRL coverage for two years. ABC Grandstand is the only national Australian radio station to broadcast live Test, One-Day, and domestic cricket matches. The show’s lead commentators are Jim Maxwell, Ian Chappell, and Alison Mitchell.


ABC Sport is renowned for its passionate and dedicated fan base, known for their love of sport, sense of humor, and their ability to enjoy a good sporting rivalry. Their fans participate in the program by sharing opinions on the latest events, supporting commentators, and donating money to support sports programs and charities, making them a vital part of the program’s success.

This is a truly iconic Australian sport radio. It has played a significant role in promoting Australian sport and culture over the past 70 years. ABC Sport or ABC Grandstand is a must-listen for any sports fan in Australia.



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