AnimeNfo Radio

AnimeNfo Radio

AnimeNfo Radio is a popular Japanese online radio station that caters to fans of various music genres such as trance, house, J-pop, anime, and J-metal. With a diverse selection of music, this station aims to provide a one-of-a-kind listening experience for anime and music fans all over the world. It is a Japanese radio station that broadcasts online. It is currently streaming in English.

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AnimeNfo Radio Programs

Trance and house music are two popular genres on this radio station. Both are popular in the electronic music scene and are frequently heard on the station. J-pop, or Japanese pop music, is another staple of this Radio’s playlist. J-pop is a broad musical genre that frequently features catchy melodies, upbeat rhythms, and vibrant production.

Anime music has a special place on this Radio, which aims to celebrate the distinctive soundtracks that accompany Japanese animation. Anime songs frequently cross genres, such as J-pop, rock, and electronic music. Finally, this station acknowledges the popularity of J-metal, a genre that combines heavy metal and Japanese music. This station caters to fans of this unique and passionate genre by including J-metal in its lineup.

AnimeNfo Radio Aim

This radio station broadcasts a wide variety of music genres such as trance, house, J-pop, anime, and J-metal. The station appeals to fans of various musical tastes by providing a platform that showcases these genres, creating a vibrant and immersive listening experience for anime and music enthusiasts worldwide.


Country: Japan

Genre: trance, house, j-pop, anime, j-metal

Language: English

AnimeNfo Radio

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