Kamakura FM is a Japanese radio station known for its diverse programming, which includes news, talk shows, Japanese music, and community-focused content. The station’s goal is to entertain, educate, and foster a sense of belonging within the Kamakura community, whether through news updates, engaging talk shows, Japanese music, or community-focused content.

Kamakura FM official website is – www.kamakurafm.co.jp/

Kamakura FM Programs

The news is an important part of the programming on this radio station. This station provides local and national news coverage that is up to date. The news segments are intended to be informative, unbiased, and comprehensive in order to appeal to a wide audience. Another prominent feature on this station is talk shows. Politics, culture, lifestyle, health, and social issues are among the topics covered by the talk shows, which foster meaningful conversations and encourage listeners to broaden their perspectives.

On this radio, Japanese music has a special place. This station devotes a large portion of its airtime to playing a wide range of Japanese songs from various genres, including pop, rock, traditional, and indie music.

This radio station emphasises community-oriented content in addition to news, talk, and music. This station actively engages the local community by featuring resident interviews, promoting local events, and highlighting community initiatives.

Kamakura FM Aim

This station’s diverse offerings aim to serve as a vital source of information and entertainment for the local community. The music programming aims to celebrate Japanese culture’s richness, to showcase local artists, and to provide a platform for new talent to be discovered. It strives to be a trustworthy and inclusive radio station, catering to the diverse interests and needs of its listeners.


Country: Japan

Genre: news,talk,japanese,community

Language: Japanese

Kamakura FM
Kamakura FM
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