BIGFM is a popular radio station in Liberia that broadcasts a wide variety of programming, including pop music and talk shows. It is an online radio station broadcasting from Liberia. As a prominent FM station, it caters to a diverse audience by providing a mix of entertaining and informative content. It plays a wide range of popular songs by Liberian and international artists.

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BIGFM Programs

One of the station’s distinguishing features is its emphasis on pop music. This station broadcasts a wide range of popular hits by local and international artists, keeping listeners up to date on the latest trends in the pop music scene. This station ensures that listeners are treated to a vibrant and engaging selection of pop music throughout the day, whether it is chart-topping tracks or new releases. It is being broadcast in English.

In addition to music, this radio station broadcasts talk shows on a variety of topics. These talk shows provide a forum for discussions, interviews, and debates on topics of interest to the local community and beyond. This station may host talk shows on current affairs, lifestyle, sports, culture, or any other compelling subjects that resonate with its audience.


This station’s goal is to entertain and engage its listeners through a mix of live music and interesting conversations. This station’s mix of pop music and talk shows creates a dynamic listening experience that appeals to a wide audience. Listeners can expect thought-provoking conversations, lively debates, and informative interviews covering a wide range of topics.


Country: Liberia

Genre: pop, talk

Language: English


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