Butwal FM

Butwal FM

Butwal FM was a renowned Nepalese radio station recognized for its wide music programming, which includes folk and classic genres. It also provided cultural insights, interviews, and debates about folk and classical music. It is an online radio station transmitting from Nepal. This radio station is broadcast in Nepali language.

Butwal FM official website – www.butwalfm.org/

Butwal FM Programs

This radio station usually played a wide variety of folk music. Nepali folk music is firmly ingrained in the culture and customs of the country. It frequently incorporates instruments such as the madal (a traditional drum) and other string instruments. The station most likely aired folk tunes from several regions of Nepal, each with its own distinct taste. These songs frequently describe stories about rural life, love, and regional customs.

This radio station broadcasts classical music as well. Nepal has a lengthy history of classical music that has been inspired by both Indian and Tibetan traditions. Classical ragas and compositions performed on traditional instruments such as the sitar, tabla, and bansuri (flute) could have been heard on the station.

Butwal FM Aim

This radio station is proud to promote local musicians and talents. It included folk and classical musicians from the Butwal region and adjacent areas, giving these artists a platform to share their work with a larger audience. This radio station is very important in the community since it promotes cultural events, festivals, and local traditions. They have been involved in arranging and promoting folk and classical music events in the region.


Country: Nepal

Genre: folk, classic

Language: Nepali

Address: Butwal FM 94.4 MHz, Butwal-12, Kalikanager

Phone No: 071-438573 (On-Air); 071-438574 (Reception)

Email: butwalfm94.4@gmail.com

Butwal FM
Butwal FM
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