Express FM

Express FM

Express FM is a famous radio station in Tunisia that provides a diversified range of material to a wide audience. The station is recognized for its dynamic programming.  Programs include a mix of pop music, news, talk shows, and the most recent Top 40 hits. Listeners from all over the world can tune in to this Arabic-language radio station.

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Express FM Programs

This radio station broadcasts a diverse range of pop music from numerous genres, including contemporary pop, rock, hip-hop, and others. The station maintains its playlist fresh by periodically updating it with the latest and most popular songs, guaranteeing that listeners may enjoy a diversity of musical tastes.

This radio station is dedicated to providing current news coverage and informing its listeners about local and international happenings. Throughout the day, the station is likely to broadcast news bulletins on a variety of themes such as politics, economy, sports, and entertainment. It also provides a venue for lively debates and conversation shows. These shows may cover a wide range of topics, such as current events, social issues, lifestyle, and culture.

This station also usually plays the most recent Top 40 chart hits. This area is particularly enticing to music fans who want to keep up with the latest songs and singers, making it a great destination for individuals who appreciate mainstream music.

Express FM Programs

This radio station’s eclectic programming allows it to appeal to a wide range of listeners, including music fans, news addicts, and discussion show fans. Express FM from Tunisia has something for everyone, whether you want to groove to the latest tunes, keep updated about current events, or engage in significant discussions, making it a renowned and well-rounded radio station in the country.


Country: Tunisia

Genre: pop, news, talk, top40

Language: Arabic

Address: Immeuble Essaadi Bloc C-D, Menzeh 4 1082 Tunis, Tunisia

Express FM
Express FM
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