Shems FM is a well-known Tunisian radio station that provides a comprehensive range of programs to appeal to a large audience. It is Tunisia’s fourth private radio station. This station was started on September 27, 2010, local time, and is owned by Cyrine Ben Ali Mabrouk, the daughter of former Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and the wife of famous businessman Marouen Mabrouk. It has a crew of 30 radio show hosts. It has grown in popularity because of its interesting content and innovative approach to radio transmission. The Tunisian government fully or substantially supported Shems FM.

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Shems FM Programs

This radio station is recognized for playing a wide range of popular music genres, with a focus on pop music. Their program is a combination of foreign hits and Tunisian pop songs, giving listeners a taste of both global and regional music trends. This radio station delivers thorough news coverage, keeping its listeners up to date on local and international events. They provide regular news updates throughout the day, making it a solid source for staying up to current on key occurrences.

This station broadcasts a variety of talk shows on a variety of themes. Politics, culture, lifestyle, and social issues may be discussed on these broadcasts. It serves as a forum for professionals, commentators, and guests to share their knowledge and perspectives. This station is well known for its Top 40 countdown, in which they broadcast the top 40 songs at any given time. This segment is especially popular among music fans who want to keep up with the latest chart-toppers.

Shems FM Aim

This radio station takes pride in its cultural significance, frequently featuring Tunisian artists and fostering local talent. They play an important role in promoting Tunisian culture and music on a national and worldwide scale. It has a broad audience and is regarded as one of Tunisia’s leading radio stations. Its programming attracts to a wide range of audiences, from young pop music fans to those interested in news and talk shows.

This radio station provides a well-rounded radio experience with mainstream music, news coverage, talk shows, and a Top 40 countdown. It is a major actor in the country’s media scene, offering its listeners with entertainment, information, and cultural enrichment.


Country: Tunisia

Genre: pop, news, talk, top40

Language: Arabic

Owner: Cyrine Ben Ali Mabrouk

Shems FM
Shems FM
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