Radio Zitouna FM

Radio Zitouna FM

Radio Zitouna FM is a well-known Tunisian radio station that primarily serves its listeners with Islamic programming and prayer services. This radio station, founded with the objective of promoting Islamic values, spirituality, and education, has grown into an important platform for religious and communal participation in Tunisia. It is one of Tunisia’s most popular 24-hour radio stations. It airs in the Akan language.

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Radio Zitouna FM Programs

This radio station is well-known for providing a wide range of Islamic programming. It airs a wide range of religious programming, including Quranic recitations, Islamic lectures, and debates on various elements of Islamic faith and culture. It provides chat shows on a wide range of topics relevant to its audience. These debates frequently center on religious, spiritual, and cultural themes. Prominent Islamic academics, theologians, and professionals are asked to contribute their perspectives and ideas, so establishing a forum for meaningful and educated debate.

This radio service is extremely important in enabling prayer times for its listeners. It transmits the call to prayer (Adhan) five times a day, assisting Tunisian Muslims in meeting their daily prayer commitments. The reading of Quranic verses and supplications (Duas) at specified times of day also contributes to the station’s position as a spiritual resource.

Aside from religious programming, this station actively connects with the local community. It serves as a venue for community announcements, philanthropic projects, and Islamic culture and traditions-related events. Through music, poetry, and art, it also promotes Tunisian and Islamic culture.

Radio Zitouna FM Aim

This radio station is committed to presenting a diverse range of Islamic content, conversation shows, and prayer services. It is a significant resource for anyone seeking religious education and spiritual direction, as well as a catalyst for community engagement and the promotion of Tunisian and Islamic culture. The station’s goal is to increase listeners’ understanding of Islam and to promote religious principles and ethics.


Country: Tunisia

Genre: talk, Islamic, prayer

Language: Akan

Address: Location: 61, avenue Habib-Bourguiba

Radio Zitouna FM

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