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Hawak Radio is an online radio station that broadcasts from Cairo, Egypt. It was launched in 2019 by a group of young and passionate media professionals. They wanted to create a platform for family-oriented content. It aims to provide its listeners with a variety of programs covering topics such as culture, education, health, entertainment, and social issues. Also, the radio features music from different genres and eras. Especially from the 90s, which is considered the golden age of Arab music.

Hawak Radio is a leading force in Egyptian radio landscape. It has been revolutionizing radio broadcasting since its inception. Broadcasting quality music, embracing cutting-edge technology and fostering creativity to create a unique and engaging experience is its goal.


Hawak Radio offers a diverse programming mix. It features pop hits, traditional Egyptian music, and thought-provoking discussions on current affairs. Catering to everyone’s interests. The radio promotes emerging Egyptian artists and their music too. Playing a vital role in nurturing Egypt’s vibrant music scene and its fresh talents.

To summarize, it offers a diverse range of programs, from classic Arabic tunes to contemporary hits, providing an eclectic sonic experience. It also promotes culture and traditional programs of Egypt.


Hawak Radio’s impact on the Egyptian media landscape has been undeniable. With its innovative approach to radio broadcasting and its dedication to promoting Egyptian culture, it has won the hearts and ears of millions of listeners across the country.

Hawak Radio is more than just a radio station; it is a cultural gem that reflects the spirit and creativity of Egypt.


Language: Arabic

Hawak Radio
Hawak Radio
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