Listen to Nogoum FM, the voice of the youth!

Nogoum FM is one of the most popular and influential radio stations in Egypt and the Arab world. It’s a well-thought-out radio station and broadcasts a wide range of radio programs, making it popular among listeners of all age groups. With its enchanting presentation, engaging programs, and a commitment to deliver quality content, it has become a mainstream radio in Egypt.

This is the first place to learn about new things in the world of modern and attractive youth songs. It also pioneered the idea of ​​“single songs,” which encouraged many singers to release a single song – without an album – on its airwaves.


It was launched in 2003 as the first private radio station in Egypt. It’s broadcasting from the Egyptian media production city on the frequency of 100.6 FM. The radio aims to provide listeners with a variety of programs. Covers topics such as music, entertainment, culture, sports, politics, and social issues.


Nogoum FM boasts a diverse range of programs that cater to a wide audience. From morning to the late night, the radio offers class leading radio programs. It’s the only radio you need to tune for all your radio listening preference. From music to news, from sports to health, this is literally a radio with coverage of a plethora of topics to cater to listeners of all tastes and moods. The radio presents breaking news as well as the most important news updates about affairs on Egypt and the world. You are connected with what’s happening around the globe in terms of politics, culture, entertainment, general news, health and much more.

Also, this is the home to an engaging and exciting music listening experience. Covering all the popular genres like pop, rock, dance, disco, reggae, and all the contemporary hits. Music by famous Egyptian musicians as well as from international artists are featured time to time.

The station has captivated listeners with its eclectic mix of Egyptian and Arabic music, engaging talk shows, and informative news updates. It introduces new and emerging artists to the audience. As well as featuring the latest hits and classics from the Arab and international music scenes.


Nojoom FM includes an elite group of the brightest broadcasters. They presents on a daily basis the most famous radio programs in various fields like social – artistic – cultural – religious – political – sports – women – children – charitable fields.


Nogoum FM’s vision is to be the premier Egyptian radio station. Moreover, it’s a platform that celebrates the country’s rich cultural heritage. The radio loves to entertain, inform, and inspire its listeners.

Nogoum FM has become an integral part of the Egyptian cultural landscape, a radio station that resonates with the lives, aspirations, and dreams of its audience. With its dedication to showcasing the best of Egyptian music, its engaging talk shows, and its commitment to informing and inspiring its listeners, Nogoum FM continues to reign as the premier radio station in Egypt.



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Language: Arabic

Contact Number: +202 38555 022

Frequency: 100.6 FM

Nogoum FM