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Arab DJ is the ultimate radio station for Arabic music fans. If you are a fan of Arabic DJ mixes, then this is the radio you will surely like. Just tune in and get lost in the exciting and upbeat musical vibe of the radio for hours. The radio airs the best of DJ mixes of Arabic music, from the classical to modern hits. It broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And mostly features a mix of traditional Egyptian dance music, as well as modern electronic dance hits with an Egyptian twist and DJ mix.

Whether you are looking for the latest hits, the classics, or the underground gems, Arab DJ has something for you.

History of Arab DJ:

This is the dream of a group of passionate DJs and music enthusiasts who wanted to create a platform for Arabic music fans. The station aims to promote Arabic music and culture. It also showcases the diversity and talent of Arab artists and DJs. Arab DJ also hosts various events and parties, featuring local and international DJs and performers.


Arab Dj’s vision is to be the leading Egyptian radio station for DJ hits and mixes. It’s committed to provide its listeners with the best possible DJ hits, Egyptian dance and electronic music all day long. The radio is constantly updating its programming style to be in line with the preference of its listeners.


Arab DJ has a team of experienced and talented presenters. They are passionate about Egyptian dance music and best DJ mixes. The station’s presenters are famous for their engaging personalities and their ability to connect with listeners. Moreover, their cheerful and friendly presentation keeps listeners engaged with the radio for hours.

ArabDJ has become a go to online radio for the best of dance and DJ music hits. It is loved by thousands of radio and music fans across Egypt.


Language: Arabic

Arab DJ