Hit FM Radio

Hit FM Radio

Hit FM Radio from France offers a delightful blend of Oldies and Pop music. It takes listeners on a nostalgic journey while also keeping them tuned into today’s hits. The station is renowned for its carefully curated playlists that feature timeless classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, as well as contemporary Pop hits. The station aims to strike a balance between the familiar and the new music. It offers a diverse musical experience that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Its official website – www.hit-radio.fr

Hit FM Radio Programs

Listeners can expect to hear iconic tracks from legendary artists like The Beatles, ABBA, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and many more. These classic tunes are interspersed with the latest Pop songs from today’s top-charting artists. These programs create a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Ito’s programming also includes entertaining and informative segments that celebrate the history of music. It spotlights significant moments, artists, and albums that have shaped the Pop and Oldies genres. It is committed to delivering high-quality programming with engaging hosts, entertaining segments, and interactive features that keep listeners engaged and entertained.

Hit FM Radio Aim

One of the primary goals of this radio station is to evoke feelings of nostalgia and fond memories among its listeners. By playing Oldies, the station brings back cherished tunes from past decades, allowing listeners to relive special moments and experiences associated with these songs. Whether you’re looking to reminisce with timeless classics or discover the latest hits, it offers something for everyone.


Country: France

Genre: pop, 80s, oldies

Language: French

Hit FM Radio