Hosanna Capital

Hosanna Capital

Hosanna Capital is one of Panama’s most popular 24-hour radio stations. It only broadcasts in Spanish. You can listen to a wide range of programs, including rock and pop. Its goal is most likely to entertain and engage its audience with a wide variety of music from the rock and pop genres. The station strives to cater to a diverse audience demographic by providing a platform for both classic and contemporary hits.

Hosanna Capital official website – hosannacapital.com.pa/

Hosanna Capital Programs

This station’s goal is to play a wide range of rock and pop music from various eras, sub-genres, and styles. This variety attracts a wider audience with diverse musical tastes. It provides well-curated playlists, themed shows, and carefully planned programming to keep listeners entertained throughout the day.

Balancing local and international hits ensures that the station appeals to both local listeners with specific tastes and global enthusiasts who appreciate a broader range of music. This radio station frequently acts as a community hub, promoting local events, artists, and cultural activities. It fosters a sense of community by engaging listeners through social media, contests, and promotions.

Hosanna Capital Aim

A common goal is to introduce listeners to new and lesser-known artists in the rock and pop genres. This can broaden musical horizons while also keeping the station’s content fresh. The primary goal is to entertain listeners by providing engaging content, such as entertaining and informative on-air personalities, interviews, and possibly live performances.


Country: Panama

Genre: rock, pop

Language: Spanish

Hosanna Capital

Contact Details

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