Salsa 106

Salsa 106

Salsa 106 is a radio station dedicated to salsa music, which originated in the Caribbean and has deep roots in Latin America. Salsa is known for its energetic and danceable rhythms, which draw inspiration from a variety of musical styles, including Cuban son, jazz, and Afro-Cuban traditions. It is a Panamanian radio station that broadcasts online. It is currently streaming in Spanish. Users can listen to a variety of dedicated programs in genres such as Latin.

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Salsa 106 Programs

This radio station strives to present a diverse range of Latin music genres, with a focus on salsa. Here, classic and contemporary tracks are featured, allowing them to support established artists while also introducing new talent to their audience. To provide a well-rounded Latin music experience, various Latin music genres such as merengue, bachata, cumbia, and reggaeton are available.

This radio station plays a wide variety of salsa music, including classic salsa tracks by renowned artists such as Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, and Willie Colón, as well as contemporary salsa hits.  In addition to music, the radio station broadcasts news and programs about the Latin music scene. It also promotes and sponsors salsa concerts and events in the local community, thereby contributing to the promotion of Latin music and culture.

Salsa 106 Aim

This radio station aims to serve as a cultural bridge, connecting listeners to the rich musical traditions of Latin America. Its mission is also to educate its audience about the history and evolution of Latin music. Finally, this station’s goal is to entertain its audience by playing vibrant and energetic music.


Country: Panama

Genre: Latin

Language: Spanish

Salsa 106

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