Japan FM is a French radio station dedicated to Japanese culture, music, and programming. It serves as a bridge between France and Japan, offering listeners a unique blend of content that showcases the richness and diversity of Japanese culture. It helps people from both countries appreciate each other’s traditions, values, and ways of life.

Its official website – www.japanfm.fr

Japan FM Programs

One of the station’s main features is its music programming, which includes a variety of Japanese music genres such as J-pop, J-rock, anime songs, and traditional Japanese music. This allows listeners to discover new artists and songs while also enjoying their favorite Japanese tunes. In addition to music, it also offers a range of cultural programming that delves into various aspects of Japanese culture. This can include discussions about Japanese cuisine, arts and crafts, traditional festivals, and even language lessons for those interested in learning Japanese.

Another highlight of Japan FM’s programming is its coverage of Japanese news and current events. This provides listeners with insights into what’s happening in Japan, as well as discussions on cultural and societal issues that are relevant to both the Japanese and French audiences. Cultural exchange programs and events allow individuals from Japan and France to form personal connections and friendships, which can last a lifetime.

Japan FM Aim

This radio station aims to collaborate with France to provide cultural and Japanese programs to strengthen bilateral relations, promote mutual understanding, enhance educational and business ties, and elevate Japan’s global influence through cultural diplomacy. This collaboration benefits both countries by fostering friendship, cooperation, and shared prosperity.


Country: France

Genre: culture, Japanese

Language: French, Japanese

Japan FM