Liberty Radio ZDK 97.1FM

Liberty Radio ZDK 97.1FM
Antigua and Barbuda

Liberty Radio ZDK 97.1FM: The Voice of Freedom

Liberty Radio ZDK 97.1FM is a popular radio station in St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda. Radio ZDK, with a long history and a broad range of programming, has become a valued source of news, entertainment, and information for listeners throughout the Eastern Caribbean region.


In the 1950s and 1960s, the Leeward Islands had just three part-time radio stations transmitting. Radio Montserrat, which later became ZJB, was one of these stations. Liberty Radio ZDK has emerged as a key participant in the radio sector. Providing a forum for local voices and fostering free expression.


Liberty Radio ZDK provides a comprehensive range of programs to its listeners’ different interests. There is something for everyone, from news and current events to music and entertainment. Here are a few examples of notable programs:

  • Morning Show: The day begins with Lionel Max Hurst’s Morning Show. This show offers a complete overview of local news and events, as well as insights into the stories that are generating headlines in Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Talk Show: Liberty Radio ZDK has interesting chat programmes. Politics, social concerns, and community development are among the themes covered. These broadcasts provide a forum for open debate and invite listeners to express their views.
  • Music Programs: The station also provides a wide range of music programs that cater to all genres and interests. Listeners may enjoy a wide range of musical styles, from reggae and soca to hip-hop and R&B.


Liberty Radio ZDK has a brilliant presenting team that brings their own personalities and experience to the airways. These speakers are essential in providing compelling material and interacting with the audience. Among the prominent presenters are:

  1. Lionel Max Hurst: As the Morning Show’s presenter, Lionel Max Hurst brings listeners up to current news and intelligent analysis on local and worldwide issues.
  2. Several Talk Show Hosts: Liberty Radio ZDK has a team of seasoned talk show hosts that enable meaningful debates on a variety of themes.
  3. Music DJs: Skilled DJs host the station’s music programming, curating playlists and providing a good listening experience for the listener.


Liberty Radio ZDK 97.1FM has established itself in the Eastern Caribbean region as a reliable source of information, entertainment, and community participation. The station, with its rich history, diversified programming, and brilliant presenters, continues to play an important role in encouraging free expression and giving a platform for local views to be heard.


Facebook: radiozdk

Twitter: @radiozdk

Language: English


Cell: 1-268-462-1100

Address: Grenville Radio Ltd. P.O. Box 1100 Bird Road, Ottos St. John’s Antigua W.I.

Liberty Radio ZDK 97.1FM