Vibz FM: The Station that Brings You the Vibes.

If you are looking for a radio station that plays the best of Reggae, Soca, Dance, Hip-hop and pop, House, Techno, and popular hits music and entertainment, then you should tune in to Vibz FM. This is a digital radio station that broadcasts in Antigua and Barbuda. Which is a Caribbean island nation known for its beautiful beaches and rich culture.


Vibz FM has been broadcasting since 2008, and it has gained a loyal listener base, they enjoy its diverse and upbeat programs. This is not just a radio station, it is also a community that connects people who share a love for music and entertainment. The radio hosts various events and activities throughout the year, such as concerts, parties, contests, and charity drives. Vibz FM also supports local artists and talent by giving them exposure and opportunities to showcase their work.


Vibz FM is more than just music and entertainment, it is also a source of information and education. Furthermore, Antigua and Barbuda’s cultural diversity is mirrored through it’s carefully curated cultural programs. Also, the radio covers the latest news and current affairs from Antigua and Barbuda and the world. It also features segments on health, lifestyle, sports, business, and more. The radio aims to inform, inspire, and empower its listeners with relevant and useful content.

Whether you want to relax, dance, sing along, or learn something new, it has something for you. Tune in to Vibz FM today and experience the vibes for yourself!


Facebook: vibzfm

Twitter: @vibzfmhd


Cell: +1(268)-560-7578 – 9

Address: Belmont, All Saints Rd., St. John’s, Antigua

vibz fm