Metal Express Radio

Metal Express Radio

Metal Express Radio is a Norwegian digital radio station that specializes in hard rock and heavy metal. It aspires to be a dedicated platform for fans of these musical genres. The station actively seeks out and promotes independent and lesser-known hard rock and heavy rock artists. It solicits listener participation through requests, dedications, and possibly interactive features such as live chats, polls, or contests.

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Metal Express Radio Programs

This radio station is well-known for its commitment to providing its listeners with a diverse selection of hard rock and heavy metal programming. The station usually broadcasts a variety of shows and programs that cater to various sub-genres within the larger metal spectrum. Classic rock, traditional heavy metal, thrash metal, power metal, progressive metal, and other genres are among them.

The station frequently features new releases from both established and emerging bands, providing a platform for both well-known and underground talent in the hard rock and heavy metal scenes. In addition to music, this channel broadcasts news, commentary, interviews, and discussions about the genre, providing insights into the latest trends, album releases, and other relevant topics.

Metal Express Radio Aim

This radio station’s playlists feature a diverse range of hard rock and heavy rock sub-genres. It includes new releases by established and emerging artists, as well as classic tracks by legendary bands. It aims to reach a global audience by bringing together hard rock and heavy rock fans from all over the world. This station has the potential to reach a global audience, allowing metal fans all over the world to tune in and enjoy a curated selection of hard-hitting and energetic music.


Country: Norway

Genre: hard rock, heavy rock

Language: English

Metal Express Radio
Metal Express Radio
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