Nordic Lights

Nordic Lights

Nordic Lights is an online radio station broadcasting from Norway. It is currently streaming in the German language. Users can listen to various types of programs in genres such as dark metal. Dark metal is distinguished by its atmospheric and frequently intense sound. This radio station broadcasts programs that highlight a variety of dark and heavy metal subgenres. It intends to explore the vast landscape of dark metal, introducing listeners to lesser-known subgenres and underground bands.

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Nordic Lights Programs

Programs cover a variety of dark metal subgenres, including black metal, death-doom, atmospheric black metal, and gothic metal. Each program focuses on a specific subgenre or offers a mix to appeal to a diverse audience. The station mixes new and classic tracks from well-known dark metal bands. This balance ensures that listeners are exposed to both established and emerging artists in the genre.

Interviews with bands, artists, and other relevant figures are conducted by the station to provide deeper insights into the dark metal scene. Specials or themed shows focusing on specific bands, subgenres, or historical aspects of dark metal could also be included in the lineup. The radio station interacts with its listeners through requests, dedications, and shoutouts. Social media platforms and online forums could be utilized to create a community around the station.

Nordic Lights Aim

This radio station is dedicated to the exploration, celebration, and promotion of dark metal music, with a special emphasis on the distinct flavors emanating from the Nordic region. The station takes pride in curating programs that showcase the rich and diverse subgenres of dark metal, ranging from atmospheric black metal to doom metal and everything in between.


Country: Norway

Genre: dark metal

Language: German

Nordic Lights
Nordic Lights
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